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2017-01-11 Some Updates

My best pictures can be browsed at Artflakes now (and purchased as poster prints from there), they have been removed from here. All the text on this website'text is displayed larger now, and bold text is displayed correctly in every browser.

As LogicalSolver has become very popular for solving the Jindosh riddle from the Dishonored 2 video game, leading to about 60,000 visits so far.

2016-05-19 Makeover of LogicalSolver

I have given LogicalSolver a little makeover. The user interface is now more compact, pleasing in particular smartphone screens. In addition, the alerts are more visible now.

By the way, last year, LogicalSolver was utilized to solve almost 4000 logic grid puzzles.

2014-11-22 WaveWorkshop now supports iOS

WaveWorkshop has become one year old. Many updates since then have brought performance and UI improvements as well as bug fixes and better compatibility with many devices. Thanks to Apple supporting WebGL from iOS 8, WaveWorkshop now also works on recent iPhones and iPads.

2014-06-01 LuckySweeper ported to JavaScript

As (unsigned) Java applets finally do not work any more with standard security settings, I have ported LuckySweeper to JavaScript as well, again using Dart, in particular using Java2Dart. The look was greatly improved, too.
Apart, I have removed the size restrictions on LogicalSolver because people have kept asking me for support for larger and larger puzzles (up to 16 categories and up to 15 items in a category).

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