Implementation of Cellular Automata on a GPU

Poster for the GP² workshop 2004 in Los Angeles

Extended Abstract
Further Project Documentation [German]


  Johannes Singler
IAKS University of Karlsruhe
email address
Problem Motivation Reaction-Diffusion-Process
Solution Basic Concepts Pixel Shader Code Texture Filtering Random Number Generation
Results Benchmark Result Screenshot Conclusion and References
Other Examples Game of Life Sandbox Wave Propagation Mandelbrot

Video Clips

The following AVI clips show animated cellular automata. They are encoded using the xvid-Encoder.

Fitz-Hugh-Nagumo (6.1 MB)
Game of Life (3.5 MB)
Sandbox (1.3 MB)
Wave Propagation (2.5 MB)
Mandelbrot (5.8 MB)
WireWorld (0.4 MB)

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